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Dr. Adrienne

Dr. Gaudet is a psychiatrist and certified as a Mindful Self-Compassion teacher through the Mindfulness-Based Professional Training Institute at the UC San Diego Medical School’s Centers for Integrative Health. After receiving her degree from Université Laval, she worked as a clinician and professor of adult and child psychiatry for over twenty years, practicing both in Québec and in Nova Scotia. She also worked with the Québec Physicians’ Health Program (QPHP) for ten years.


As a physician advisor for the QPHP, she provided peer support to physicians in need. Working with teams and individuals, she explored solutions to improve the well-being of caregivers in the workplace. She became an expert on how stress—both professional and personal—impacts medical professionals, sparking her interest in promoting the well-being of healthcare workers as a pillar within the healthcare system.

Dr. Gaudet works with organizations that wish to improve the well-being of their members and healthcare professionals. Her approach promotes the wellness of caregivers and aims to develop mindful teams and processes that foster compassionate patient care.

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